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Tony's Top Tip: Changing the colour of the Suite Bar in Microsoft 365

That blue bar along the top of your Microsoft 365 sites? That's called the "Suite Bar", and in all standard Microsoft 365 Tenants, it's a fairly standard blue colour, e.g.,

For a lot of organisations, the Marketing Team will want to change the colour of the Suite Bar to match corporate colours for all users, strengthening brand identity.

So, how do we do this?

Well, if you're Tenant Admin, it's easy! Here's how:

  • Step 1: Go to Admin -> (Show All) -> Settings -> Org Settings

  • Step 2: Select "Organisation profile"

  • Step 3: Select Custom themes -> Default Theme -> Edit

  • Step 4: Select "Colours", and enter the Hex Code for your desired colour in the Navigation bar color box, e.g.,

(as an aside, click thru the General and Logos tabs - see how you can change a few other bits 'n' bobs about your Suite Bar using those tabs, such as incorporating a corporate logo, or displaying the full user name in the suite bar)

  • Click "Save" to commit your changes - and that's it!

Your Microsoft 365 Suite Bar will take on the new colour and settings that you have specified for all users!

From this ->

To this ->

Easy! And your Marketing People will be happy 😉

Note - the screenshots and instructions in this article are valid at the time of writing - November 2022)

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