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PowerAutomate - storing separated date and time values in a SharePoint list

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Sometimes, as part of a Flow (PowerAutomate is such a mouthful!), you want to store the date something happened in Field A in SharePoint , and the time it happened in Field B.

So how do we do that? It's simple using PowerAutomate Expressions!

Lets assume in our SharePoint list we have two fields, Planning Acceptance Date and Planning Acceptance Time. In your Flow Action, you can set these Fields using the following expressions

For the Date Field:

formatDateTime(convertTimeZone(UtcNow(),'UTC','GMT Standard Time'),'dd/M/yyyy')

.... and for the Time Fields:

formatDateTime(convertTimeZone(UtcNow(),'UTC','GMT Standard Time'),'HH:mm:ss')

(note the use of convertTimeZone to ensure any timestamps recorded are in the correct timezone, in the example above it is UK time)

End result? When the Flow runs, my SharePoint list item is updated with the Date and Time the event occurred, all nicely split out!

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