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Using Guided Access Mode on an iPad to give frictionless access to your favourite App

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

One of the things I like to use my iPad for is taking notes and recording tasks using my favourite app while working on my main computer.

Ideally using your iPad for quick tasks like this should be really quick and easy, with minimal friction; however, if your iPad auto-locks, then you have to unlock it every time you want to use it, either using your Passcode or FaceID. Doing this every time you want to use your iPad to record a quick note or task is both time-consuming - and - after a while - irritating.

So is there a way to keep your iPad securely locked, but at the same time allowing frictionless access to your favourite app?

The good news is - Yes - you can by making use of an iPadOS feature called Guided Access. This feature allows you to lock your iPad to show only a single app, while not requiring you to use your Passcode or FaceID when you go to use that App.

To make use of the Guided Access feature, first of all enable it by going to Settings -> Accessbility -> and turning ON the Guided Access toggle switch. You can also use this screen to set a Guided Access Passcode and to enable use of Face ID to end Guided Access. You can also use this screen to control how long the Display Auto-Lock feature is set to.

Once you have enabled the Guided Access feature, the next step is to try it out!

So, start your favourite App that you want to access even when your iPad is locked.

You enable Guided Access by clicking on the iPad Top Button three times in quick succession. The first time you use it, it will ask you for a Guided Access Passcode; this is used to take your iPad out of Guided Access Mode. Enter your desired Guided Access Passcode twice, but REMEMBER this Guided Access passcode is different to your main iPad Passcode, so it's important to remember it!

Once you've entered Guided Access Mode, you can *only* use the app that was running at the time Guided Access was started - this means your iPad is effectively locked, but is still allowing you to continue using your favourite app.

In addition, even if the iPad screen turns off (either automatically or manually), you can quickly start your iPad to go immediately to your favourite app WITHOUT having to use a Passcode or FaceID; this makes access to your favourite app really easy and frictionless, but without compromising the security of the rest of your iPad.

To come OUT of Guided Access Mode, simply click the top button on your iPad three times again. Enter your Guided Access Passcode, and click on "End" - this ends Guided Access, and puts your iPad back into Normal Mode!

Do remember that when using Guided Access, if someone else gets access to your iPad they will have full access to all the information in the App you are using in Guided Access mode ... so do be conscious of this when using Guided Access.

Hopefully you found this little video useful - any questions or comments, please get in contact using the links below!

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