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So... what version of SharePoint am I running?!

There are a number of versions of SharePoint in the market (e.g., 2010, 2013, Office 365), each with their own Service Packs and Cumulative Updates. So how can you tell exactly what version of SharePoint you are running, especially if you don’t have ‘back end’ access to the SharePoint Server itself to look?

Fortunately it’s pretty easy! Simply enter the following URL into your browser:


(where {SERVERNAME} is the name of your SharePoint system). You will see the following on your screen:

The vti_extenderversion is the version number of your system, in the example above –

There are a variety of online resources which you can then use to confirm what Service Pack (SP) / Cumulative Update (CU) you are running. Personally, I find to be a useful online resource for doing this. Using the information on this site, I can see that my own SharePoint System in the screenshot above is running SharePoint Server 2013 Service Pack 1.


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