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Auto-filling a SharePoint Timesheet System using the Events in your Microsoft 365 calendar

I was recently asked by a customer using a SharePoint list based Timesheet system if it was possible to populate entries in the Timesheet List automatically based on events in their calendar; for a lot of people, their calendar *is* their timesheet!

This is actually pretty simple using Microsoft PowerAutomate (aka Flow!); a rudimentary example of how this can be achieved is shown in the PowerAutomate screenshot below:

(the code used in the expressions shown is included at the bottom of this article.)

Everyone hates filling in timesheets - this might make life a bit easier!

Note - the above PowerAutomate is very rudimentary; e.g., it's not configured to deal with Event Updates / Cancellations etc. However, a little bit of extra config on the above would make handling Event Updates / Cancellations very possible!


The End Result?

Calendar entries like this:

are automatically converted to SharePoint Timesheet Entries like this! - no manual entry - hallelujah!


Expressions used above:

Convert start time to Ticks


Convert end time to Ticks


Calculate the duration in hours ((endTicks - startTicks) / 36,000,000,000)



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