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SharePoint - splitting a Date-Time field into separate Date and Time fields

One of the things that can upset people using SharePoint Online is how it displays Date Time stamps. For example, in a list view the created date of list items is displayed in a "friendly" format, and therefore ends up looking like this:

... i.e., a horrible mash-mash of date-time formats!

Recently, a customer asked me to have the created date and created time split out into two separate fields to allow them to have better reporting on when things were created, and later reviewed, approved etc.

So how do we do this? Easy! With two calculated columns as follows:

Create a calculated column, e.g., Created Date, and set the Formula for the calculation to be:


Similarly, create a second calculated column, e.g., Created Time, and this time set the Formula to be:


Once you've done this, add your two new columns to your SharePoint view et voilà - nicely separated, and clear, date and time columns!

Remember- you can apply this technique to any Date Field in your SharePoint List!

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